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  Everyday life of common people sometimes contain and

consist from many complicated stories,even more than

one novelist may think of and create.

Some of these stories are even impossible for the

greatest writers to pen down.

But,where the pen stops the paint and painter may reveal

what seemed impossible.

The way how Vladimir Prica ( fon: Pritza) tells us those

stories with his paintings is expressive. It is about obvious

and hidden moments of a day which could hide the

deepest feelings, doubt, love, memories, pain, happiness,

sadness, inner struggles, hate and even humor. All daily

riches of our lives.

The painter is presenting to us his painting opus as

metaphor for invisible heroes of everyday life.

Vladimirs storytelling is certainly genuine, emotional,

courageous in it's expression of it.

This courage is important because it creates a new artistic

expression and certainly is pushing the limits on the

canvas. The artist dares to form an opinion and dares to

analyse everything that other people see and accept as

normal and usual, obvious and yet hidden.

Vladimir Prica is showing to us all, what is going on inside

and beyond that what we think of as visible. He is using

bright colours and very obvious brush strokes in a way it

gives us the feeling of a deep, profound spiritual

presence. And still, all bright colours in his work look

harmonious and blue does not always look like blue. Just

as the word does not sound as one. This is showing what

a masterfull colour- scheme-plays are of a man who

knows how our eyes interpret light and shadow, light and


Without doubt, undeniable talent whose work demands to

be noticed and thought of.

It is obvious that Vladimir does not think of his technique

of painting when he works.

He is like a dancer who knows all moves and now is

letting creativity speak to him.

His style is unique.

His stories are new and interesting.

Here is a painter who does not follow any mainstream, is

not into the art of "fashion and trend setting", simply

because he is developing his own way.

A new path on canvas.


Branka Korac


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